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Count Bowling

Count the Cats

Connect the Dots: Count to 20

Connect the Dots: Count to 20 From Any Number

Count TEN Dominoes

Equality Seesaw

Name the Shape

Pick a Shape

Shapes (Flash required)

Make 10 Solitaire

Count TEN Dominoes

Connect the Dots: Count to 20 From Any Number

Connect the Dots: Count to 50

Connect the Dots: Count to 120

Connect the Dots: Skip Count by 2s and 5s

Connect the Dots: Count by 10s

Duck Pond Add

Add & Subtract Baseball

Guess How Many

Make 20 Solitaire

Math Mystery Picture: Add and Subtract Within 20

Make 10 Tens Solitaire

Tic Tac (Add or Subtract) Ten

Math Apples: + and - Relations

Place Value Riddles

True Addition Card Game

Word Problems: Addition

Word Problems: Subtraction

Word Problems: + and -

Equal Shares

Pick a Shape

Make a Shape Puzzles (not for mobile)

Sort Shapes

Give Directions

Code a Driving Plan

Order by Length

Time Flies


Read Graphs

Coin and Dollar Bill Shop - U. S. Edition

Coin Shop - Canadian Edition

Skip Count Leap Frog

Connect the Dots: Skip Count by 2s and 5s

Connect the Dots: Count by 10s

Addition Baseball

Addition Equations Game

Make 20 Solitaire

Hundred Cents Solitaire

Math Mystery Picture: Add and Subtract Within 20

Math Mystery Picture: Add and Subtract Within 100 (No Regrouping)

Math Mystery Picture: Add and Subtract Within 100 With Regrouping

Estimate and Go Buggy!

Make 10 Tens Solitaire

Tic Tac Plus or Minus Ten

Tic Tac 10 or 100

Flash Count for Kids

Piggy Bank Coins

NEW Food Shop Coins and Bills

Ten Dollar Solitaire

Total TWELVE Dominoes

Make 10 PLUS Pyramid Solitaire

Hispanic Countries Flags and Math Game

Dollar Cents Solitaire

Ten Dollar Solitaire

Math Mystery Picture: Add and Subtract Within 100 (No Regrouping)

Math Mystery Picture: Add and Subtract Within 100 With Regrouping

Flash Times

Multiplication Basketball

Multiply Slalom

Multiplication Paint By Products

Tic Tac Times

Multiplication and Division Equations Game

Division Football

Pizza Fraction Catch

Fraction Frog - Unit Fractions

Fraction Frog - Numerator and Denominator

Fraction Frog - Equivalent Fractions

Equivalent Fractions Solitaire

Make a Whole Fraction Pyramid Solitaire Game

Fraction Dominoes

Add Tenths & Hundredths Common Fractions Game

Fraction and Mixed Number Blackjack

Decimal Tenths and Hundredths Solitaire

Equivalent Decimals & Common Fractions Match

Decimal Pyramid Solitaire

Decimal Add and Subtract Game

Decimal Blackjack

Equivalent Decimals and Fractions Blackjack

Factors and Multiples

NEW Angle Magic

NEWAngle Wizard

Metric Match

CrossNumbers: Order of Ops + and - Puzzle

CrossNumbers: Order of Ops × and ÷ Puzzle

Decimal Solitaire

Decimal Blackjack

Decimal Sum One

Decimal Add and Subtract Game

Coordinate Plane Battleships

(x, y) Wizard

Hamsters and Kids

Exponents Basketball

Laws of Exponents Basketball

Four Quadrants Battle Shape

Four Quadrants Battle Shapes Admiral Edition

NEW Integer Battleships

Integers Climate Application

Tower of Hanoi with Cards

Integer Exponents Basketball

Ratio and Proportion Graphs: Unit Rate

Ratio Graphic Arts Application

Hit the Slopes

X-Y Linear Equations Games

Letter Pick

Sight Word Search: Pre-Primer List

Word Match

Adjectives Soccer

Animal Mothers and Babies Name Game


Conjunction Cows

End Punctuation Dogs

Phonics Magic Wizard

Picture Crosswords - Vowels

Plurals Game - S, ES and IES

Preposition Penguins

Sight Words Search: Primer List

Sight Words Search: 1st Grade List

Space Verbs 1 Game

Spelling Fishing: Start Sounds

Spelling Fishing: Middle Vowel Sounds

Spelling Fishing: End Sounds

Phonics Fishing Spelling Game - CVC Words

Syllable Species Animal Names

Verb Tense Toads

Whale Verbs Game

Vocabulary Word Bingo

Which One is It?

Who Am I?

Abbreviations Match


Adverb Aliens

Animal Fathers and Babies Name Game

Capitals - Holidays and Places


Conjunction Cats

Contractions Hockey

Dolphin Verbs Game

Plurals Word Search

Prefix and Root Word Meaning

Preposition Parrots

Pronoun Bicycle Race

Pronoun Car Rally

Reflexive Pronoun Rabbit Race

Fill in the Missing Sight Words in Sight Words Poems

Sight Words Search

Space Verbs 2

Spelling Blends Fishing Game

Spelling Digraphs Fishing Game

Spelling Vowels Fishing Game

Subject Verb Agreement Basketball Jr.

Syllables Spaceships

Verb Tense Turtles

Fill in the Vocabulary Word Game

Compound Words Match

Abbreviations Match

Adjective or Adverb Soccer

Capitals - Titles and Products

Compounds Match

Conjunction Baseball

Connecting Words Aquarium

Contractions Hockey

Crabby Commas

Happy Endings End Punctuation

Frequently Confused Words Game (it's, its, to, too, two)

Homophone Car Rally

Animal Joke Jumbled Words Game

Past Tense of Irregular Verbs Target Practice

Possessive Batting Practice

Prefix Game

Prefix and Suffix Game

Pronoun Antecedent Agreement

Pronoun Car Rally

Pronoun Motorcycle Race

Reflexive Pronoun Cars

Sight Word Search 3

Penguin Riddles Scrambled Letters Spelling

Turtle Riddles Scrambled Letters Spelling

Speed Spell

Penguin Spelling and Vocabulary Word Search

Subject Verb Agreement Basketball

Subject Verb Space Game

Subject Verb Agreement in "Easter in Spain"

Subject Verb Agreement in "Eddie the Sea Otter Plays Basketball"

Subject Verb Agreement in "What is an Aye-Aye?"

Suffix Game

Syllable Saucers

Syllable Skycoaster

Syllable Jewels

Penguin Scrambled Syllables

Vocabulary Words in Context

Animal Fathers Names Vocabulary Match Game

Animal Mothers Names Vocabulary Match Game

Word Order Scrambled Animal Jokes

Word Order Scrambled Penguin Riddles

Word Order Scrambled Turtle Riddles

Adjectives Ending in -ed or -ing Soccer

Adverbs of Time Quiz

Antonyms Match

Antonyms Word Search

Capitals - Titles of Works

Cloze Missing Words Puzzle - Olympics

Frequently Confused Adjectives (much, many, some, less, few) Soccer

Frequently Confused Words (their/there/they're, your/you're) Skateboarding

Scrambled Jokes for Kids - Homonyms (Words With More Than One Meaning)

Frequently Confused Words Game: Homophones Skateboards

Homophones Challenge Car Rally

Scrambled Jokes - Homophones

Funny Inference Reading Riddles

Relative Pronouns and Adverbs Motorcycle Race

Meaning of Latin and Greek Roots Match Game

Jewel Spell

Subject Verb Agreement Basketball - Pro

Subject Verb Agreements - Irregular Verb

Synonyms Clue Word Search

Synonyms Match Game

Kick It Vocabulary

Olympics Sports Vocabulary Word Search

Olympic Vocabulary Word Jumbles>

Winter Olympics Vocabulary Word Search

Word Order Scrambled Sentences

Olympics Word Order Scrambled Sentences

Scrambled Sentences Word Order Comics Game

Winter Olympics Word Order Sentence Scrambles

Capitals Diagnostic Assessment Quiz

Cloze Missing Words - MLK Jr. Memorial Quotations

Root Words Jeopardy

Latin and Greek Root Words Jumbles

Spelling PH Words Jumbles

Spelling Quiz: al, el, or le endings

Olympics Picture Clue Spelling and Vocabulary Word Search

Winter Olympic Scrambled Spelling and Vocabulary Word Search

Password Spelling Challenge

Subject Verb Agreement Basketball All-Star

SUPER Subject Verb Agreement

Synonyms Word Search

Word Order - Daily Scrambled Comic

Word Order - Scrambled Presidential Quotes

Word Order - Crazy Fool Quotations Word Game

Word Order - Scrambled Quotes

Word Worm Syllables Chaser

Advanced Latin and Greek Root Words Jumbles

Constitution of the U.S. Missing Words

Cryptogram Comics - Animals!

Password Challenge

Root Words Double Jeopardy

Scrambled Cat Comics Game

Scrambled Comics Game

Scrambled Quotes Game - Black History

Scrambled Quotes Game - Women's History

Scrambled Quotes Game - Fathers

Scrambled Quotes Game - Mothers

Scrambled Synonyms Word Search

Word Worm Syllables Chase: Expert Edition

Word Worm Syllables (Flash required)

Academic Word List Vocabulary Match Game

Academic Word List Word Builder Game

Cryptogram Jokes - Pun Loving

Cryptogram Jokes - High Tech

Cryptogram Quotations

Cryptogram Quotes about Mothers

"Letter from a Birmingham Jail" Missing Words Game

Next Word Game: Bill of Rights


Winter Olympics Hangman

Cryptogram Comics (Flash required)

Cryptogram Jokes - Science

Jumbled AWL Vocabulary Words

Next Word Game: Declaration of Independence

Next Word Game: Gettysburg Address

Next Word Game: U. S. Constitution

SAT Vocabulary Guess and Spell

SAT Vocabulary Match

SAT Vocabulary Scrambled Words

SAT Vocabulary Synonym Word Search

SAT Vocabulary Word Builder