Vocabulary Challenge

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Click the missing word from the sentence. Do as many as you can in 60 seconds.
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Soccer is XXXX by people all over the world.,enjoyed Many XXXX attended the game.,spectators We watched a XXXX soccer game.,thrilling The goalkeeper tries to XXXX the ball from coming into the net.,prevent Players are not XXXX to use their hands to control the ball.,permitted The crowd cheers XXXX when a player scores.,wildly The team that scores the most goals is XXXX the winner.,declared The winning team will XXXX to the finals.,advance The game ended because a XXXX left snow on the field.,blizzard Each team member was given a XXXX.,medal The home team put on a winning XXXX.,performance The school band XXXX through the field.,paraded The crowd XXXX when the visiting team scored.,moaned The mayor XXXX the crowd before the game.,addressed It was very XXXX when a player was hurt.,disturbing The team is XXXX moving up the standings.,rapidly The weather was XXXX for the first game of the year.,pleasant The players were drinking water to XXXX their thirst.,quench Madelyn XXXX to avoid running into her teammate.,swerved It became very difficult to see the ball as XXXX approached.,twilight The students viewed a XXXX of the World Cup final.,broadcast The home team is XXXX in first place.,currently The goalkeeper XXXX the net.,defends Vince XXXX to the sidelines after playing for 10 minutes.,retreated