Find the Magic Wizard

Know your vowel sounds and you will find the Magic Wizard!

Round: 1   Errors: 0
You have 3 rounds to find the Magic Wizard. Make 3 errors and you start over!

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tap, man, add, sat, bat, fat, map, sad, mad, happy, thank, that, bank, bad, pass, cat, rat, dance, nap, ant, class, ask, pan, can, band, flat, at, grass
head, lake, sit, rain, fail, late, air, way, hair, chair, sea, bear, play, day, say, came, date, eat, game, age, gate, made, top, mop, set nest, test, well, spell, tell, bet, ten, tent, egg, sell, rest, seven, end, help, went, wet, best, den, west, men, set, get, fence, pen, sell, shed, web
bake, each, beat, three, eat, leaf, meat, meet, please, sweet, we, cake, sleep, feel, be, bee, slide, ride, tree, key, need, man, hear, mean, feet, got wish, fish, think, big, pig, if, dip, is, pin, pick, this, thing, sing, milk, in, swim, it, fit, sick, pill, win, stick, fin, ship, him, his, ring, inch, pink, fix, six
nest, test, rain, find, kind, side, can, top, five, ride, time, white, line, fly, mine, pet, cry, said, pie, nice, fast, wine, fine top, stop, rock, pond, hot, not, spot, pot, fog, frog, hop, off, fox, box, pop, rob, mop, doll, cost, lost, on, shop, dot, log, sock, song, odd
boat, coat, zoo, shoe, moon, two, to, note, rope, no, now, home, so, toy, boy, cow, robe, egg, cap, step, net, hut, day, mad, post run, rug, cut, but, up, fun, sun, nut, truck, duck, lunch, tub, cup, bump, bun, hug, luck, shut, jug, plus, drum, jump, sum, dust, hum, bus, hunt, club
food, you, use, zoo, song, true, blue, foot, new, got, door, moon, cool, school, two, music, pool, ground, to, cow, den, sat, got, huge, tube make, rain, late, plate, name, save, take, they, pay, play, day, say, came, paint, date, grape, ate, game, age, gate, cake, pail, sail, nail, mail, rake, plane
tap, man, please, heat, bat, map, sad, mad, thank, pass, rat, dance, can, bat, band, fat, hand, head, mall, gap, boat, coat, soap, plan, said, pant each, beach, three, eat, leaf, meat, meet, please, sweet, we, sheep, seed, he, sleep, feel, bee, tree, key, need, feet, street, wheel, clean, seat
well, spell, net, bell, egg, sell, save, time, help, nose, best, try, use, test, king, seven, pet, gate, fence, toe, nest, set, wet, fire, eye fine, nine, fire, find, kind, side, slide, high, try, cry, my, drive, tie, by, tide, ride, time, eye, fly, pie, hide, fry, dive, smile, file
girl, fish, milk, dip, pin, mail, stick, kitten, paint, swim, hill, fit, air, eight, win, rain, ship, trip, ring, home, coin, hid coat, road, soap, hope, note, bone, hole, both, toe, no, know, show, rope, nose, home, so, most, post, grow, row, snow, rose, slow, goat, oh, crow, go
top, lost, book, pond, dog, hot, soup, spot, food, zoo, frog, hop, moon, group, odd, mouse, pop, pool, doll, cost, two, to, school, shop, movie, room, stop food, you, use, zoo, soup, new, to, do, moon, cool, school, two, pool, rule, tool, noon, room, cube, tube, huge, cute, flute, tooth, glue, tune, fruit, boo, true
door, shut, rug, up, fun, but, nut, cat, lunch, bug, floor, duck, five, pop, bump, cut, sum, son, run, tub, flood, laugh, shot, hug, book, flap, mug, rain