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giga- prefix for BILLION mega- prefix for MILLION kilo- prefix for THOUSAND deca- prefix for TEN deci- prefix for ONE TENTH centi- prefix for 1/100 milli- prefix for 1/1000 micro- prefix for 1 millionth nano- prefix for 1 billionth 1 mm 1/1000 m 10 mm 1 cm 20 mm 2 cm 1 m 100 cm 50 cm 0.5 m 1 km 1000 m 1 kilogram 1000 g 2 kg 2000 grams 3 kilograms 3000 grams 2 Mg 2,000,000 g 1 Mg 1000 kg 100 g 0.1 kg 200 grams 0.2 kilograms 500 g half a kilogram 200 milligrams 0.2 grams 500 mg half a gram g symbol for gram kg symbol for kilogram mg symbol for milligram k symbol for prefix kilo- m symbol for prefix milli- c symbol for prefix centi- M symbol for prefix mega- G symbol for prefix giga- 100 m sprint race length about 0.1 mm thickness of a piece of paper about 22 cm width of a piece of paper about 2 m height of an average door about 100 km/h highway speed