Wordville Interactive Adventure Stories

Visit the land of Wordville in these interactive reading comprehension stories.
Each time you read a Wordville story things will be a little different,
so you'll have to read carefully to predict what will happen next.

You'll meet wizards and witches whose magic arts will help you
if you can help them with their language arts.

You can click to listen to some of the words.
The rest are basic vocabulary and sight words you should get to know.

One big difference between a Wordville story and a regular story
is that you get to click a choice at the bottom of each page.

Now pick an interactive reading comprehension story to read:

Strange Signs

The Mad Magician

Creatures of the Forest

Wizards - Fishy and Famous

The Spell Book

Flight Fright

Friendly Flyer

Go for the Gold

The Magic Sled

There are two earlier levels of interactive reading comprehension stories available:

Early Reader Stories

Intermediate Stories

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