Easy Pronoun Car Rally

Practice pronoun-antecedent and pronoun-verb agreement.


Drivers, start cars!

Pick the right word.

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____ am in the race./0/I,You ____ drives very fast./1/You,She Paul starts ____ car./1/its,his The drivers start ____ cars./1/they,their I have a car. The car is ____./1/my,mine Luc wore sunscreen to protect ____ skin./0/his,their Jason isn't here. ____ is sick./0/He,His Ella eats ____ lunch./0/her,hers Drivers, start ____ cars!/0/your,yours Did ____ father win the race?/0/your,yours ____ team won the race./1/We,Our Zak loves cars. ____ has two./0/He,Him ____ like the Red Team./1/He,We Charlie dropped ____ hat./1/he,his ____ watch the race on TV./0/We,Us The new car is ____./1/she,hers After the race, Logan gets ____ prize./1/he,his The cat ran on the road. ____ wasn't hit./0/It,They Jen crosses the road. ____ looks both ways./0/She,It Raj has one car. ____ is a Ford./0/It,They Tanya has two cars. ____ are both red./1/It,They Emma is lost. Can you help find ____?/1/it,her Jose wins. ____ gets the prize./0/He,Him When Olivia races, we cheer for ____./1/she,her The car stops. ____ needs gas./0/It,You I have a brother. ____ sometimes fight./1/He,We The bikes are slow. A car passes ____./1/it,them Liam has two bikes. One of ____ is broken./1/it,them Henry's mother is here. ____ has snacks./0/She,Her Sam's car is blue. ____ car is black./0/My,Mine That car is ____./1/my,mine Sophia's father drives ____ to school./1/she,her Lara loves ____ sisters./0/her,we Tyler talks to ____ mother./0/his,him Meet Carly. ____ is 9 years old./0/She,They I have six brothers. ____ family is big./0/My,Mine Here is Cody. ____ drives the car./0/He,His The girls are in a show. ____ sing and dance./1/She,They The winnners are here. Give ____ a cheer./1/they,them Ana and Luis love ____ children./0/their,them Please give ____ a cookie./1/I,me Can ____ have a ride?/0/I,me My parents are away. ____ will return soon./1/He,They The car honks ____ horn./0/its,their Max lost ____ way./0/his,him My brother wore ____ new shirt./1/its,his The dog wagged ____ tail./0/its,their My uncle asked me to cut ____ grass./1/its,his Where is Pablo? We can't find ____./0/him,us Please wash ____ hands./0/your,yours That box is big. Don't pick ____ up./0/it,them That car is fast, but ____ is faster./0/mine,me Where is Jennifer? We can't find ____./0/her,us You must do ____ homework!/0/your,yours One of the boys lost ____ hat./0/his,their The girls painted ____ toenails./1/them,their Mary left ____ book on the table./0/her,hers I lost a shoe. Please help ____ find it./0/me,my Kim has two cats and loves ____ very much./1/her,them