Homophone Challenge Car Rally

Have fun with tricky words that sound the same but are spelled differently.


Drivers, start engines!

Pick the right word.

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Dogs are very loyal to ____ owners./0/their,there The cars are racing over ____./0/there,they're The pit stop is over ____./1/their,there The drivers are here and ____ ready to go./0/they're,their The drivers fix ____ cars at the pit stop./1/they're,their ____ waiting for the race to start./0/They're,There The racing ____ is in first place./1/teem,team Each driver must ____ a car./0/choose,chews The driver ____ gum when she races./1/choose,chews The race will be held this ____./0/week,weak The race goes on ____ or not it rains./0/whether,weather Driving fast is dangerous in wet ____./1/whether,weather The ____ of cars racing in circles makes me dizzy./0/sight,site They built a new track on the old fairground ____./1/sight,site He is looking for a car ____ on the web./1/sight,site Let's ____ for world peace./0/pray,prey The fox chased its ____ across the field./1/pray,prey The ____ of buttered popcorn filled the air./0/scent,sent A white dove is a ____ of peace./0/symbol,cymbal The noise sounded like someone banging a ____./1/symbol,cymbal The heavy car was made of ____./0/steel,steal Did someone ____ your wallet?/1/steel,steal She is a ____, so is too young to vote./0/minor,miner He is a coal ____ and works underground./1/minor,miner The ____ of my shoe has a hole./0/sole,soul She sold her ____ to the devil./1/sole,soul Is ____ team winning?/0/your,you're Good job! ____ in the lead!/1/Your,You're You won because ____ the best driver./0/you're,your You won because ____ car didn't break down./1/you're,your The noise is so loud, ____ hurting my ears./0/it's,its He loves racing because of ____ fast pace./1/it's,its ____ pouring rain and the track is very wet./0/It's,Its The team and ____ leader had a pre-race meeting./1/it's,its The driver was ____ from the car./0/thrown,throne The race began at ten in the ____./0/morning,mourning The team was in ____ after the death of a driver./1/morning,mourning The rules of the race are ____./0/fair,fare The ____ to take the train to the city is $10./1/fair,fare The class elected Juan as ____ leader./1/it's,its ____ we like it or not, the race is called off./0/Whether,Weather Ms. Lee is the ____ of the school./1/principle,principal It is against her ____ to cheat./0/principles,principals I hear that ____ driving in the car rally./0/you're,your I hear that ____ team won the race./1/you're,your He drove right ____ the fence./0/through,threw He was sent home after he ____ gum on the track./1/through,threw I tried calling her phone, but couldn't get ____./0/through,threw "____ been nice to meet you," said Emma./0/It's,Its ____ a long way around the track./1/Its,It's That race car is known for ____ fast speed./1/it's,its The restaurant is known for ____ great pizza./1/it's,its Of ____ you will win the race!/0/course,coarse He is taking a ____ in speaking Spanish./0/course,coarse The beach was covered with ____ sand./1/course,coarse Do you know what ____ doing?/0/you're,your Where is ____ car?/1/you're,your Looking for your friends? ____ at the race./0/They're,Their Jared has a lead ____ in the school play./0/role,roll In a crash, the car may ____./1/role,roll I love ____ new red car./1/you're,your You must do ____ homework./1/you're,your It has ____ a long time since I went to a car rally./0/been,bean Let's ____ the race, lap by lap./1/revue,review Please ____ your name on the board./0/write,right Marty left the book over ____./1/their,there ____ is nothing better than to win a race./0/There,They're ____ not alone./1/Your,You're ____ face is bright red from sunburn./0/Your,You're Apply the ____ to stop the car./0/brakes,breaks She worked hard and needed a ____./1/brake,break Be careful or you will ____ your leg!/1/brake,break The jury has reached ____ decision./0/its,it's I have a new car. Guess ____ color./0/its,it's ____ time to start your engines./1/Its,It's Apples were ____ into the bag./1/throne,thrown Fill the ____ with water./1/pale,pail The driver looks sick and ____./0/pale,pail The ____ world is watching./1/hole,whole