Winter Olympics Hangman

Exercise your brain and boost your word power, spelling and vocabulary with this fun word puzzle. Guess as many Winter Olympics words and phrases as you can in two minutes. Hint: Go for vowels!
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telemark:style of ski jump landing required to receive maximum points - one ski slightly in front of the other, forward ski leg bent slightly and arms out to the side sit spin:a rotating figure skating move - it�s not an upright or camel style cross-country:this type of skiing is also sometimes referred to as Nordic skeleton:the name of the sliding sport where competitors hurtle down the course head first, it can also mean a bunch of bones! two-man bobsleigh:the name of the event, which requires a pilot and a brakeman, but no bells four-man bobsleigh:the story of an unlikely Jamaican team in this Winter Olympics sliding event was made into a movie called Cool Runnings ice hockey:the 1980 victory of the American team over the Soviet team in this sport is known as the "Miracle on Ice" ice dancing:it's a figure skating event for pairs, but with no throws or jumps long track speed skating:the first two words distinguish this sport from the short track version figure skating:the name of the sport where you'll see loops, Axels, Salchows and Lutzes curling:the sport where large round stones are slid towards a target area - think rocks not irons! luge:the sport where you rocket down an icy track feet first biathlon:the sport that combines two sports, cross-country skiing and rifle shooting moguls:a type of freestyle skiing where you'll always have a very bumpy ride! halfpipe:snowboarders and freestyle skiiers both compete on this kind of track, named for its shape ski cross:this freestyle skiing event, based on motocross, made its Olympic debut at Vancouver 2010 aerials:the athletes in this type of freestyle skiing soar high in the air freestyle skiing:this sport includes events like moguls and aerials Nordic combined:like the biathlon, this Winter Olympics sport combines two sports, in this case cross-country skiing and ski jumping snowboard cross:this snowboarding event is a wild race that in some ways resembles motocross giant slalom:in this technical event in Alpine skiing, the gates are farther apart than in slalom racing but closer together than for Super G. gold medal:the winner of each event at the Olympics is awarded one of these silver medal:the first runner-up at each evnt at the Olympics is awarded one of these mascots:symbols or representatives that are usually animals or cute creatures downhill skiing:it features the longest runs and fastest speeds of all the Alpine events pairs skating:this figure skating event requires two people and they have to do more than dance! ski jumping:in this Winter Olympics event skiers can soar more than 100 m through the air Olympic torch relay:the pre-Olympic event where the Olympic flame is passed from torchbearer to torchbearer until it reaches the cauldron at the current Olympic site during the opening day ceremonies parallel giant slalom:in this event pairs of snowboarders compete against each other on side by side courses, racing through a series of gates