Pronoun Car Rally

Practice pronoun-antecedent and pronoun-verb agreement.


Drivers, start engines!

Pick the right word.

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During the race, Monica held ____ breath./0/her,their Drivers are very loyal to ____ sponsors./1/its,their Today the team won ____ first race./0/its,their The drivers liked ____ new coach./1/its,their I bought a car from Bob. Now the car is ____./0/mine,my Lucas wore sunscreen to protect ____ skin./1/their,his Justin is not driving. Maybe ____ is sick today./0/he,his The drivers are eating ____ lunches./1/his,their Larissa brought a friend with ____ to the race./0/her,she The teacher said, "Class, please open ____ books.”/0/your,yours The coach said, "Randy, ____ must work harder.”/0/you,your We practiced and the coach made ____ work hard./1/we,us Ella loves to drive and ____ is good at it./0/she,her The race is tomorrow and ____ will be great./0/it,them Jack and Jill left at 7 a.m. so ____ wouldn't be late./1/he,they Olivia and I watched the race. ____ enjoyed it a lot./0/We,Us My aunt bought ____ a new bike./1/my,me Mary likes to drive, so ____ joined the rally team./0/she,her Lisa and Lou went shopping. ____ bought a car./1/You,They Emily drove well and the judge gave ____ a prize./0/her,she The drivers are here, but ____ are not at the starting line./1/them,they Kate crossed the track after ____ looked both ways./0/she,them We have one car. ____ is a Toyota./0/It,They We have two cars. ____ are both Fords./1/It,They The girls were ready to race after ____ warmed up./1/she,they Eva is in a hurry. Please help ____ get ready./0/her,it Jose speaks Spanish. The coach understands ____./1/them,him When Noah won the race, everyone congratulated ____./1/it,him Holding five tires, Taj said, "I hope I don't drop ____!”/0/them,him Only one thing arrived in the mail and ____ was a ticket./0/it,they The cars moved so slowly that the bikes passed ____./1/it,them My brother and I never fight. ____ get along well./0/We,They The racetrack is nearby. ____ is on this street./0/It,They Sam's car is blue, but ____ is black./1/my,mine Jake did well on the track. All of ____ laps were clean./0/his,our The car has lost all of ____ lights./1/their,its She did not bring a jacket, but I brought ____./0/mine,my Rebecca loves ____ toy cars./1/him,her David always drives ____ car too fast./0/his,her Meet my cousin, Tina. ____ is 12 years old./0/She,Her I have 8 brothers and sisters. ____ family is big./1/Mine,My Meet Ryan, the driver. ____ is 20 years old./1/His,He Today is Ty's birthday. Please wish ____ Happy Birthday./0/him,them Kayla has many fans who love ____./1/his,her Noah and Jo love ____ cars./0/their,them Jack and I have snacks that ____ will share./0/we,us Anna has an iPad, but ____ doesn't have an iPhone./1/it,she Rex goes to my school and ____ walk there together./1/I,we Dan and Eva are away. ____ will return next week./0/They,He My brother wore ____ new shirt to the race./1/its,his The car honked ____ horn./0/its,their My uncle asked me to wash ____ car./1/its,his Each girl had ____ picture taken./0/her,their All the drivers lost ____ way./1/his,their All of the actors remembered ____ lines./0/their,them Sally and Lisa took ____ vacation together./0/their,her Olivia, the mechanic, cut ____ finger./1/their,her Roberto wins races because ____ practices a lot./0/he,they Where is Jennifer? We can't find ____./0/her,us You must do ____ homework!/1/yours,your One of the boys lost ____ hat./1/their,his The girls painted cars on ____ toenails./1/them,their The drivers wore ____ helmets during the race./1/them,their Careful drivers always check ____ mirrors./0/their,his One of the men could not find ____ car./1/their,his After changing the car's oil, Rachel washed ____ hands./0/her,their Drivers, start ____ engines!/0/your,yours Did ____ father win the race?/0/your,yours ____ like the red team./1/He,We ____ watch the race on TV./1/Us,We The car on the track is ____./0/yours,you Jojo likes to drive. ____ has four cars./1/Her,She Mario is here. ____ is in the car./0/He,They Jose wins. ____ gets the prize./0/He,Him Sara races and we cheer for ____./1/she,her The car stops. ____ needs gas./1/You,It