Homophone Car Rally

Have fun with words that sound the same but are spelled differently.


Drivers, start engines!

Pick the right word.

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I hope _____ team wins the race./0/our,hour The race begins in one _____./1/our,hour Did you _____ the noise from the race car?/0/hear,here Sit _____ to watch the race./1/hear,here The car took off like a _____./0/plane,plain The driver wore a _____ white shirt./1/plane,plain The drivers were told to start _____ engines./0/their,there The finish line is over _____./1/their,there I _____ popcorn at the race./0/ate,eight There are _____ cars in the race./1/ate,eight That car has a _____ engine./0/new,knew She _____ the driver of the red car./1/new,knew The wind _____ through his long hair./0/blew,blue The _____ car won the race./1/blew,blue They ate a _____ salad for lunch./0/bean,been She has _____ the winner every year./1/bean,been The car battery is _____./0/weak,week The big race is next _____./1/weak,week The _____ shines on the track./0/sun,son A father and _____ built a race car./1/sun,son The car was _____ in Canada./0/made,maid A _____ cleaned the hotel room./1/made,maid He used _____ to make cookies./0/flour,flower The winner was given a _____./1/flour,flower My _____ is a fan of car races./0/aunt,ant He saw a tiny _____ on the ground./1/aunt,ant My brother was _____ watching the race./0/bored,board The winners' names were listed on the _____./1/bored,board I can _____ the finish line./0/see,sea The track is near the _____./1/see,sea Have _____ popcorn./0/some,sum The _____ of one plus one is two./1/some,sum The tortoise races against the _____./0/hare,hair My sister wears her _____ short./1/hare,hair He paid the _____ to ride the bus./0/fare,fair The race was on the last day of the _____./1/fare,fair She _____ the ball./0/threw,through The car drove _____ the mud./1/threw,through He thought the red car _____ win the race./0/would,wood The fence is made of _____./1/would,wood I need money to _____ a car./0/buy,by The car drove _____ us./1/buy,by He is wearing a _____ of blue shoes./0/pair,pear She eats an apple and a _____./1/pair,pear Do _____ drive so fast!/0/not,knot There is a _____ in his shoelace./1/not,knot Let's go _____ the races!/0/to,too Give me some popcorn _____!/1/to,too The car turned _____./0/right,write Please _____ me a letter./1/right,write The car went by _____ fast, I didn't see it./0/so,sew My sister will _____ my torn shirt./1/so,sew The driver was in _____ after hurting his back./0/pain,pane The window _____ is broken./1/pain,pane I _____ who will win the race./0/know,no There will be _____ race on Monday./1/know,no He was stung by a _____./0/bee,be He wants to _____ a race car driver./1/bee,be Have a _____ of cake./0/piece,peace Let's have some _____ and quiet!/1/piece,peace While in town, we'll stay at the _____./0/inn,in The green car is _____ first place./1/inn,in She stepped on my _____./0/toe,tow The broken car needed a _____./1/toe,tow I will buy a hat at the _____./0/sale,sail Let's _____ across the lake in our boat./1/sale,sail She wears a belt around her _____./0/waist,waste Don't _____ the food./1/waist,waste Please do that _____ me./0/for,four There are _____ cars in the race./1/for,four There is a _____ in my pocket./0/hole,whole The _____ world is watching./1/hole,whole