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Kindergarten ELA Word Games

Letter Pick: identify letters in words

Sight Word Search

Word Match: match words and pictures

1st Grade ELA Word Games

Adjectives Soccer


Conjunction Cows (Coordinating Conjunctions in Simple Sentences)

End Punctuation Dogs

Plurals: S, ES and IES

Preposition Penguins

Reading - Who Am I?

Reading - Which One is It?

Sight Word Search

Spelling Fishing for Vowels

Spelling - Start Sounds

Spelling - End Sounds

Phonics Fishing Spelling - CVC Words

Species Syllables Scramble

Verb and Noun Agreement - Space Verbs 1

Verb and Noun Agreement - Whale Verbs

Verb Tense Toads

Animal Mothers and Babies Vocabulary Name Game

Vocabulary Word Bingo

Picture Crosswords - Fill In the Vowels

2nd Grade ELA Word Games

Abbreviations Match


Adverb Aliens

Capitals - Holidays and Places


Compound Words Match

Conjunction Cats (Coordinating Conjunctions in Compound Sentences)

Contractions Hockey

Phonics Magic Wizard

Plurals Word Search

Prefix and Root Word Meaning

Preposition Parrots

Pronoun Bicycle Race

Pronoun Car Rally

Reflexive Pronoun Rabbit Race

Sight Words Search

Spelling Fishing Game: Blends

Spelling Fishing Game: Digraphs

Spelling Fishing Game: Vowels

Subject Verb Agreement - Jr. Basketball Level

Subject Verb Agreement - Dolphin Verbs

Subject Verb Agreement - Space Verbs 2

Syllable Spaceships

Verb Tense Turtles

Vocabulary Fill In - 2nd Grade

Vocabulary: Animal Fathers and Babies Name Game

3rd Grade ELA Word Games

Abbreviations Match

Adjective or Adverb Soccer

Animal Fathers Name Match Game

Animal Mothers Name Match Game

Capitals - Titles and Products

Crabby Commas

Compound Words Match Game

Conjunction Baseball (Subordinating Conjunctions in Complex Sentences)

Connecting Words Aquarium

Happy Endings - End Punctuation

Homophone (it's, its, to, too, two)

Homophone Car Rally

Past Tense Archery

Possessive Batting Practice

Prefix and Suffix Game

Pronoun Antecedent Agreement

Pronoun Agreement Car Rally

Pronoun Antecedent Agreement Motorcycle Race

Reflexive Pronoun Cars

Sight Words Search 3

Animal Joke Spelling Jumbles

Penguin Riddles Spelling Jumbles

Turtle Riddles Spelling Jumbles

Penguin Spelling and Vocabulary Word Search

Winter Olympics Spelling and Vocabulary Word Hunt

Spelling Speed Swim

Subject Verb Agreement Basketball

Spaced Out Subject Verb Agreement

Sports Subject Verb Agreement

Subject Verb Agreement in "Easter in Spain"

Subject Verb Agreement in "Eddie the Sea Otter Plays Basketball"

Subject Verb Agreement in "What is an Aye-Aye?"

Suffix Game

Syllable Saucers

Syllable Skycoaster

Syllable Vocabulary Jewels

Penguin Vocabulary Syllable Scrambles

Vocabulary Fill In

Word Order Scrambled Jokes - Animals

Word Order Scrambled Penguin Riddles

Word Order Scrambled Turtle Riddles

4th Grade ELA Word Games

Adjectives Ending in -ed or -ing Soccer

Adverbs of Time and Verb Tense

Antonym Match

Antonym Word Search

Capitals - Titles of Works

Olympic Cloze Missing Words Puzzle

Frequently Confused Adjectives (much, many, some, less, few) Soccer

Frequently Confused Words (Homophones) (its/it's, to/too/two) Skateboarding

Frequently Confused Words (their/there/they're, your/you're) Skateboarding

Homophones Challenge Car Rally

Homophone Skateboarding

Inference Reading Riddles

Relative Pronouns and Adverbs Car Rally

Relative Pronouns and Adverbs Motorcycle Race

Meaning of Latin and Greek Roots Match Game

Spell Jewels

Olympic Spelling and Vocabulary Word Jumbles

Olympics Sports Spelling and Vocabulary Word Search

Winter Olympics Spelling and Vocabulary Word Search

Basketball Subject Verb Agreement - Pro Level

Subject Verb Agreement - Irregular Verbs

Synonym Clue Word Search

Synonyms Match Game

Kick It Vocabulary

Word Order Scrambled Comics - Tech Today

Word Order Scrambled Jokes - Homophones

Olympics Scrambled Sentences Word Order

Winter Olympic Word Order Sentence Scrambles

Word Order Scrambled Jokes for Kids - Words With More Than One Meaning

Word Order Scrambled Presidential Quotes

Word Order Scrambled Sentences

5th Grade ELA Word Games

MLK Jr. Memorial Quotations Cloze Missing Words

Winter Olympics Hangman

Latin and Greek Root Words Jumbles

Password Challenge

PH Spelling Words Jumbles

Olympics Picture Clue Word Search

Root Words Jeopardy

SUPER Spaced Out Subject Verb Agreement

Word Worm Syllables Chaser

Synonym Jigsaws

Synonyms Word Search

Winter Olympic Scrambled Word Search

Word Order Daily Scrambled Comic

Word Order Scrambled Comics from the Past

Word Order Scrambled Quotes: Words to the Wise

Word Order Scrambled Quotes: April Fool

6th Grade and Higher ELA Games

Cryptogram Comics - Animals!

Cryptogram Jokes - High Tech

Cryptogram Jokes - Pun Loving: the funny side of homophones, homonyms and figures of speech


Cryptogram Jokes - Science

Cryptogram Quotations

Cryptogram Quotes about Mothers

Root Words Double Jeopardy

Password Challenge

Advanced Latin and Greek Root Words Jumbles

Word Worm Syllables Chase: Expert Edition

Scrambled Synonyms Word Search

SAT Vocabulary Guess and Spell

SAT Vocabulary Match

SAT Vocabulary Scrambled Words

SAT Vocabulary Synonym Word Search

SAT Vocabulary Word Builder

Word Order Scrambled Quotes Game - Black History

Word Order Scrambled Quotes Game - Women's History

Word Order Scrambled Quotes Game - Fathers

Word Order Scrambled Quotes Game - Mothers

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