Halloween Hangman

Guess as many spooky words or phrases as you can in two minutes.

Press when you're ready to go.

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Trick or Treat:what you say on October 31st jack-o-lantern:you carve a turkey for Thanksgiving and one of these for Halloween witches:they ride brooms through the sky and cackle ghosts:wear a sheet on Halloween to be one of these haunted house:a spooky place to visit on Halloween pumpkin:our favorite Halloween fruit, that you probably thought was a vegetable costume:you must wear a good one if you want a treat skeleton:you may see one of these bony frames frolicking on October 31st vampire:the kind of bats that fly on Halloween or the legendary blood-sucking creatures Halloween:the spookiest of holidays black cat:brings bad luck if it crosses your path pumpkin carving:a skill that is only called for on Halloween bobbing for apples:this Halloween game always makes a splash tombstone:find this in a graveyard, a spooky place, especially on Halloween hayride:a fun way to get to the pumpkin patch on Halloween pumpkin patch:where you wait for the Great Pumpkin according to Linus and Snoopy ghost story:a tale to tell on Halloween corn maze:you could get lost wandering around one of these candy apple:a sticky red treat that you can really get your teeth into Dracula:the count you are most likely to meet on Halloween Thriller:the top-selling album of all time, a landmark music video, and it features zombies too! zombies:the undead and stars of many scary movies Night of the Living Dead:1968 classic horror movie and quintessential zombie film The Walking Dead:Hit AMC TV series depicting survivors of a zombie apocalypse Michael Myers:fictional stalker and killer of teenage babysitters in the Halloween movie series Monster Mash:Halloween pop classic recorded by Bobby Pickett and the Cryptkickers in 1962 candy corn:a yellow, orange, and white sweet Halloween treat werewolf:you don't have to worry about meeting this monster unless there's a full moon All Hallows Eve:the source of the word Halloween, the evening before All Saints Day turnip:the jack-o-lantern was originally a candle inside this vegetable